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Free Autoresponder?

The Affordable Way To Build A List

Choosing an autoresponder service nowadays should be easy.

After all there are quite a few reviews out there to make your job easier.

But there is a catch

Whether your list is growing or not, after a month you’ll have to pay a monthly plan.

And there was MailChimp, which will let you broadcast up to 12,000 emails per month to 2,000 subscribers for free.
(MailChimp’s free plan does not include the autoresponder function.)

Before going any further, let’s clarify what an Autoresponder is:

According to Wikipedia, an autoresponder is a program that automatically generates a sequence of emails.
Autoresponders are used in internet marketing to generate follow up emails at preset intervals.

"The Money Is In The List"

Just about every marketing guru will tell you that “The money is in the list!"
… if you have a list… or at least is somehow growing at a steady rate so you can actually monetize it.

So how do you pick an autoresponder service, which will give you the best ROI?

What if you already have an autoresponder, you are paying $20/month and your list is nowhere near your allowable limit?

Without a doubt, the most known autoresponders are GetResponse and Aweber.

The truth is that they have a great marketing team behind the scenes who put in hundreds of hours to get them where they are.

So the big question is...


Quick answer: Yes.

Benchmark’s FREE plan offers all the necessary featured to slowly build up a list, and only when you hit the 2000th subscriber you’ll have to pick a paid plan.

By that time you should already be making $28.95/month to cover that expense.

See below a quick price comparison for Benchmark vs GetResponse vs AWeber

List Size Benchmark GetResponse AWeber
600 $11.95 $15 $19
1000 $18.95 $15 $29
1500 $24.95 $25 $29
2500 $28.95 $25 $29
3500 $39.95 $49 $49
5000 $46.95 $49 $49
FREE PLAN up to 2000 subscribers
14,000 sends
first month free
after that $15/month
first month free
after that $19/month
Explore Benchmark Go to GetResponse Go to AWeber

Benchmarks’s FREE plan is very similar to MailChimp’s plan: 2000 subscribers and 14,000 sends.

The only difference is that Benchmark comes with the Autoresponder function.

In addition to that, you have

  Responsive email templates (I check my email on the phone - do you?)
  Google Analytics integration (for you goals)
  A/B testing for subject lines (who wouldn’t want that?)
  Sign Up Forms (duh)
  Surveys & Polls (vox populi)
  List Segmenting
  Hundreds of templates (black on white works best)
  Easy to use Drag & Drop editor
  Real Time reports (of course)
  Third Party integration with: PayPal, Twitter, Facebook, Google, SalesForce, HighRise, Zoho CRM, Zendesk, Shopify, Magento Go and Tumblr (all this is cool stuff)
  24/7 support (they’re serious about this)

So there you have it: an affordable way to start your a list, start a newsletter or just experiment with an autoresponder without spending a fortune.

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