Content Marketing Tips for SaaS Companies

8 Content Marketing Tips for SaaS Companies

Growing your SaaS organically is no easy feat, and marketing plays an essential part in it. But what it does is establish you as an authority on the market. That increases sales because you attract more prospective buyers interested in your products and services.

How to Perform a Site Security Audit and Stop Attacks

We live in a world where WordPress sites are under constant threat of brute force attacks. If you are trying to make money from your website, it’s imperative you protect yourself as much as possible.

If you have ever wondered how to perform a site security audit, we’ve got you covered.

Put down the paper bag. Don’t panic. It’s not as hard as you think.

Geo Targeting With Javascript

Easy Geo Targeting With Javascript

Geotargeting on the web refers to delivering custom content based on the visitors geographical location.

That “custom content” generally comes down to flights, places nearby or pinpointing you location in apps (Uber, Lyft etc) - it will definitely be used in the headline.

If you ever wondered how a website knows where are you from, that's geo targeting.

SEO factors you should focus on

SEO: Two Effective Factors You Should Focus On

SEO: Ranking in the top results of search engines - a quick case study on how to rank on Google by only focusing on two SEO factors.

Oh YES! The Ultimate dream of anyone with an online presence!
Sooo, how does one do it when this is not an exact science?

image of wordpress content management system - add new article screen shot

10 of the Most Popular Plugins Available on WordPress Today

With 29% of all websites in the world powered by WordPress, the content management system must be doing something right! Literally millions of business owners use this content management system to build themselves the ideal website.

image of airplane: Booking a flight price bait

Booking a Flight: Price Bait

This story can be looked at as a good (or bad) example how the Low Price hook is used online when booking a flight.

image of start wars clones with the words: cloned website? here's what to do

Cloned Website? - Here's What To Do

Believe it or not: this website got hacked once. This could happen to anyone.
Here's the quick story

image of macbook and newspaper headlines

How To Write the Perfect Headline


It may sound repetitive, but your article titles do make a difference whether your content gets read or not.

Here’s an interesting example:

snipped image with Neil Patel

Neil Patel's New Backlinking Strategy

Probably you already know how successful Neil Patel is, but if you haven't heard of him, just by running a quick Google Search will reveal his notoriety.

If you ever downloaded anything from his site(s), or, you are probably receiving short email updates on his latest blogposts, podcasts or youtube interviews.

And he does write a lot – Neil Patel is a content creating killer machine who will