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image of plane: booking a flight price bait

Booking a Flight: Price Bait

Some travel portals are set up in such way that they'll hook you with a Cheap Flight; Commitment and Scarcity will get extra cash from your pocket

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image of macbook and newspaper: how to write the perfect headline

How To Write The Perfect Headline

It may sound repetitive, but your article titles do make a difference whether your content gets read or not. Here’s an interesting example:

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image of two star wars clones: cloned website? here's what to do

Cloned Website? - Here's What To Do

Believe it or not: this website got hacked once.
This could happen to anyone.

Here's the quick story...

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image of text: seo - two effective factors you should focus on

SEO: Two Factors You Should Focus On

SEO: Ranking in the top results of search engines - a quick case study on how to rank on Google by only focusing on two SEO factors.

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